Same place, different name


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It’s been a while since I have put up a post. Life hasn’t really been crazy. Just different. I have been home with my son. Watching him grow. Trying to adjust to #mommylife. Having extra time on my hands I decided that I wanted to rename the blog something more fitting for my new role in life.

Introverted Momma

Being an introvert is something I have only come into in the last 10 years but it is something that I feel was always a part of who I was. Being a Mom is something completely new yet it is a part of my life now.

I’m still a lover of makeup, and occasionally I might get to listen to a podcast again or an audiobook.

Right now I’m trying to navigate the world as an introvert who is also a Momma…plus a part-time writer 😉

Until next time,


Skin Deep…my current skincare faves


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I have been told many times that I don’t look my age. I would say up until my late 30’s I was always getting carded. When people comment on my great skin I say “Thank you.” Mentally I’m thinking I really owe it to genetics. My parents have equally beautiful skin and don’t look their age.

I really don’t do much to take care of my skin. If I am honest sometimes I treat my skin like crap and don’t even take off my makeup at the end of the day every time (I know I know)

But when I am doing the right thing I have found a few products that I repurchased in the past 3 years.

Skin care 1

Left to Right: Cotton Squares, Ponds Dry Skin Cream, L’Oreal Revitalift Cleanser, Garnier Micellar Water


“>L’Oreal Revitalift Cleanser I was on the hunt for this cleanser after reading an article that this cleanser was an Olivia Munn staple. I like that it lathers well and you only need a small amount for your whole face. Leaves my skin feeling soft, never tight. $6 well spent on a whim.

“>Ponds Dry Skin Cream I have used this cream on and off since I was a teenager. It is a no-frills basic moisturizer that does what I need. No matter what size jar you buy it seems to last forever. At $8 it’s a great value.

” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Garnier Micellar Water This is my FAVORITE makeup remover. I don’t wear waterproof eye makeup but I know that they have a version for waterproof makeup. At $7 this water is easy to use and works better than my beloved  ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes. I save those to use when I travel 🙂

Cotton Squares  These Walgreens brand cotton squares are my FAVORITE to use with the micellar water. I have tried others, like the Shiseido ones and I wasn’t impressed. The Walgreens ones don’t fall apart and I can use both sides. So that 100 count for $6 will last.

Skin care 2

Left to right: Algenist Sublime Defense SPF 50, Farsali Rose Gold Elixir, Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30

Algenist Sublime Defense SPF 50 This is my HOLY GRAIL sunscreen for my face. As long as it is made I will be buying. I wear it all year round. It is lightweight and moisturizing. Works amazing under foundation and powder. I usually buy the 1oz for $28. Because it is so fluid a small amount spreads easily all over your face.

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir 24K Gold Infused Beauty Oil Sometimes if I don’t feel like using the Pond’s I will reach for a face oil. I’ve used Josie Maran Argan Oil but sometimes I feel like it just sits on my face. With Farsali the oil sinks into my skin leaving a soft dewy, glow. At $54 for 1oz I love it but not every day, lol

Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30  Wearing sunscreen daily is important. So many people don’t. When I heard about this sunscreen that was “made by women of color for people of color, because we get sunburned too”. And many sunscreens on the market will leave an ashy, grey cast. This sunscreen will dry clear on your skin. It isn’t greasy or drying. It is a comfortable sunscreen at a pretty good price point, $18.

What are some of your skincare favorites?

Until next time,


You’re making me blush


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Blush is one makeup product that when I want to look more put together or more awake I use.

I owe MAC blushes, NARS, and NYX. I love them all but the brand that I bought on a whim quickly became my favorite product.

When I was taking a trip to Vegas I wanted a blush palette to take along. I had heard good things about the indie brand Juvia’s Place. I also heard some not so good things (customer service issues and brand promoting). I ignored the bad and focused on the good. Juvia’s Place is a black own company, started by a mother of two, Chichi Eburu. The line is known for its highly pigmented eyeshadows. When I was first on the site I went to go buy an eyeshadow palette, and I did. But I was also intrigued by the blushes.

Who doesn’t love a highly pigmented blush?

I bought Saharan Blush Volume I and Volume II.



The Saharan Blush Volume I


The Saharan Blush Volume II

My favorite color from Vol I is Toby, it looks like a bright orange/yellow in the palette but on my skin, it delivers a gorgeous glow. My favorite from Vol II is Tau, a muted brick red that gives of the perfect flushed cheeks.

All of the colors are HIGHLY pigmented. I tap my brush in the pan, tap of access and pat into my skin, then I take my Real Techniques Blush Brush and blend out any harsh lines.

I’m not a palette fan because I like the option of bringing my products with me for touch-ups during the day. I don’t bring these palettes with me. I apply in the morning and by the time I’m home (10 hours later), the color payoff is still going STRONG. I can literally apply and forget about it.

One would think that 12 shades of blush would be enough but you have to factor in that Zara, Lila, Sola, and Zoba are more highlight and mixer colors. I want more blushes!!! Juvia’s Place does have one stand-alone blush product on its website, Bella Blush .

Best believe I will be ordering this coral beauty. Bella Blush

Are you a blush fan? Comment below with some of your favorites.

Until next time,


Powder Puff


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As a makeup lover, it would hard for me to name one item that is my holy grail. I have a few items that I have bought over and over. But mostly I don’t have any. And I’m not even talking about holy grail specific brand, color item. I’m talking about holy-grail-can’t-live-the-house-without. Some days it can be blush or mascara, lip product.

As I was cleaning one of my many makeup bags I noticed I had a LOT of pressed powders and powder foundation in my collection. Depending on my mood, depending on what foundation (if any) that I am wearing my powder of the day will change. It is always pressed. I’m not a huge fan of loose powder. I’ve tried a few but none stood out enough for me to use often.

Here’s my collection of powders that work for me and what I like/love about them.

2nd Set

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, NYX Hyrda Touch Powder Foundation, CoverFx Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation, Graftobian HD Pro Powder Foundation

1st Set

MAC Next to Nothing Pressed Powder, MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation, Bare Minerals Bare Pro Powder Foundation, MUFE Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation


My skin type is dry, dry in all seasons. Yet my preferred look is semi-matte with a slight glow. Powders usually leave a matte finish. These powders seem to work well with what little oil my face creates throughout the day.

Bare Minerals Bare Pro– I wear the color Nutmeg I don’t love this one, I don’t hate it either. Many times I forget I have it. I bought it when I got the liquid foundation of the same name. Colorwise it is spot on. I’ve worn with liquid foundation and without. I prefer to wear with liquid.

MUFE Pro-Finish– I wear the color 170. Few a while this was my go-to powder. I’ve worn with liquid and without, using as a powder foundation. The coverage is great, as is the color. Whether going over liquid or on it’s on I get a nice glow once the powder has settled.

CoverFx Pressed Mineral– I wear the color N70. This powder is one that depends on how well the color matches your skin tone determines the coverage. I know it may sound silly but I have tried at least 3 different colors in this powder and each time I feel that I get different results. I keep it because for now I am happy with the color and the feel.

Graftobian HD Pro Powder– I wear Golden Tan. Graftobian is a brand that is known for use in Film and Print. I knew nothing about this powder when I bought it. I bought because of the creaminess of the powder. It is very powdery in the pan but once on my face it completely melts. Sounds great for a dry skin gal, right? It is until you rest your hands on your face or hug someone. All powders usually transfer but this powder seems to be extra. I love it for the color and the feel but the transfer can make me hate it.

NYX Hydra Touch– I wear Deep Honey. This is another powder that I think of as creamy and is powdery and leaves a trace wherever I go. The color matches well with my skin tone and is pigmented enough that I can use alone. I just wish the compact hadn’t collapsed in itself like a sinkhole, making it hard to tote around in my makeup bag.

MAC Next to Nothing– I wear Dark Plus. MAC will always be a brand I own something of. Back in the day, their products were the best I could find for my skin tone and type. When I went into MAC being bored and looking for products I shouldn’t buy I bought this powder. The powder is sheer, so it works well as a setting powder when I wear liquid foundation. I like this powder because of the slim compact (compared to the rest in my collection) and the feel on my skin (weightless), and the color match provides a pretty glow.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish– I wear Dark Deep. This powder is the one that I LOVE. The feel is like I’m wearing nothing on my skin yet I will have the most beautiful glow. While I LOVE the powder I HATE the compact. When Mineralize Skinfinish came out they were in a compact with a clear lid and no mirror.  MAC changed the compact a few years ago and added a mirror. Great!!! But the compact is so bulky I rarely put it in my makeup bag because it takes up so much space IMHO.

MAC StudioFix– I wear C7…This is the OG in my collection. My very first MAC product was StudioFix. This is a true powder foundation. The look I get when I wear is matte but comfortable with my dry skin. It seems that no matter how much I use my compact is still full. I do think I still use for more nostalgia than really loving it. While it feels comfortable on my skin I believe it is the heaviest of my powders.

I will say that I have not found my holy grail brand and color in a powder. What I listed above are the ones that out of a makeup junkie many tries I happen to really like and have recommended to people.

Next post I will list my favorite blushes, brands, and colors.

Do you have a favorite pressed powder? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Until next time,


Blind Faith


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What should have been a routine anatomy scan at 33 weeks for my son turned out to be a birth story.

On Friday, Nov 30th, 2018 I went to a dr.’s appointment and learned that my blood pressure was high. It was the 2nd time during the pregnancy that I was reporting at a high level. I think it was like 170/80…honestly since that day I have been looking at blood pressure levels that I’m surprised that all numbers don’t confuse me.

Anyway, the appointment (which was for my high-risk doctor- pre-pregnancy diabetic) my blood pressure was high and the doctor called my OB and it was decided that I should go to the Labor and Delivery Triage of my hospital. This wasn’t something I felt comfortable doing. The week before I spent the night in the same ER while they monitored my levels. I had to miss work and for reasons that I will explain in another post…I was not going to get paid for any days that I took off going forward. I did not want to miss more work if I could help it.

My husband and I decided to buy an OTC blood pressure cuff and monitor my levels throughout the weekend.

That lead to my levels still being high so I went to the ER on Sunday, December 2nd.

I went in thinking that I would sit in the ER, get some drugs and go home. I was well aware of the risk to the baby when having high blood pressure. My Mom had high blood pressure when she was carrying me.

But since my anatomy scan came back normal I thought ( and still do ) that the baby was ok.

The doctors felt otherwise.

I spent 24 hours on a magnesium drip. I had a catheter. I had “leg massage”  wraps to help prevent blood clots that were hooked up to my bed. Moving wasn’t happening.

I thought it was the worst 24 hours of my life…I was wrong.

After the 24 hour period was over my pressure was still high. The doctors (and there were at least 4 that came in and out of my hospital room) said they were going to induce me. I argued that. I kept thinking the baby wasn’t in danger.

As I sat and listened to the doctor explain how things would be a quiet calm came over me.

God has seen fit to guide you through this pregnancy. I told myself that I wasn’t going to I let my faith let go of my hand now.

Blindly I followed my faith, and told the doctor “Okay.” Maybe 30 minutes later they moved me to a delivery room and I was induced.

I had a balloon inserted into my cervix to help expand it. With the balloon came the catheter (never pleasant). For 5 hours I was “in labor”, slowly making progress. The pain wasn’t as horrible as I have heard stories. I mean it definitely hurt. Contractions felt like period cramps intensified. They lasted a few minutes and as I dilated the pain and length did grow.

One of the dr.’s decided at some point to break my water. I won’t go into the details of how that was done…I will say it was not pleasant. THEN the pain really started. I already had my epidural (it took two tries). I remember hitting the button for more epidural because you can control it and it was at that point just as the pain relief was flowing the dr. that broke my water came back and told me that the baby was budging. He would inch his head out a bit but then move back up the birth canal. His heart rate was dropping…so c-section it is!!!

In a flash, several people start rushing into the delivery room and everyone has a job of unhooking me so they can wheel me into the Operating Room.

Once in the Operating Room, MORE people came in. I swear I saw at least 8 people in scrubs. I was strapped to the table and the Anesthesiologist (I man I want to personally thank will my heart and soul) stood over me and told me over and over I was doing a good job when they cut into me and I yelled out in pain and that I could feel their hands. It was an Anesthesiologist that made sure I had heated blankets because I was so cold I was shaking. This man (I need to find out his name) stayed by my side, giving me encouraging words. My husband wasn’t allowed in till after they pulled my son out. So during the majority of the time, I was with this Anesthesiologist. Since I didn’t hear my cry it was the Anesthesiologist that told me my son was ok.

My husband came in and told me our son was born.


Asher Isaiah, born December 4th, 2018 at 3:15am

Remember when I said that when I have first admitted it was a horrible 24 hours. After Asher was born I went through the 2nd worst 24 hours.

When I woke up from the surgery I was in recovery for a good 40 to an hour, alone. In and out still groggy under the anesthesia.

When I got to my room the nurses wheeled in a newborn and for a few seconds, I thought ASHER!!!! But no, the baby belonged to my roommate.

My son was in NICU. A floor below me.

I was put under a 2nd magnesium drip, strapped to the bed, with a catheter. I wasn’t going anywhere. For 24 hours I had to be away from the child I carried and waited so long to see.

Thankfully my husband was able to go and see Asher. I didn’t show it to anyone but I was highly upset that I couldn’t see him first. I missed out on the “first skin to skin contact” The first person he saw wasn’t me.

As his Mom, I wanted those things.

Once I got released (i.e. catheter removed) and made sure I could walk. I went to see my son.


It’s hard to admit that as much as I wanted to be with my son I knew that I needed to get better. In order to do that I felt I needed to leave the hospital two days after I had major surgery.

The drawback of that was that I had to leave Asher at the hospital I felt didn’t take care of me. I had no choice I couldn’t discharge him as well. My faith told me that he would be taken care.

Asher’s stay in NICU was ONLY a week. All the nurses and doctors were amazed by Asher’s progress. I was just happy he wasn’t following in his Mom’s footsteps. I was a preemie, born around 30 weeks (similar situations as Asher) and I stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks.

They say that when women have a birth plan and 9 times out of 10 that plan goes out the window. I didn’t have a birth plan. I had my faith that when I held my son he would look at me and know exactly who I was.

Below is a picture of the end result of my blind faith.



Until next time,


Do you like me now…


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Husband: Why are you following more people than who is following you?

Me: I didn’t know it was it was some sort of a game of tag.

When Instagram came out I thought ‘Cool, instant view of photography taken by people I know or peoples work I enjoy’. In the earlier days, Instagram worked as it was supposed to.

Someone posted a photo, maybe a friend, your partner, a blogger and you (the follower) would be able to see these post in real time (i.e. that actual time the photo was posted).

This site is seriously a photo lovers dream…Or at least it used to be. Once Instagram got bigger and Facebook bought them they changed the site. Your feed became a competitive sport of Popularity.

But that isn’t what I like nor what my Instagram to be. I don’t conform. If I think your feed has something I will enjoy viewing I will following and I will like the post.

Regardless of whether or not you follow me back. Of course as I try to build up this blog and my brand that may hurt me but am I on the ‘Gram for the likes, for the photos or for the useful info I can see and learn?

P.s follow me at @novelty718 on Instagram 😉

Until next time,


A place called home…


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I would say for the past 11 years I have been  interested  ok obsessed with Real Estate. I like to say that it’s because I work for a Real Estate Management company. But the truth is that my obsession began when I was almost evicted from (what was at that time) my dream apartment in Sunnyside, Queens NY.

I was a fan of HGTV’s House Hunters, and most of the renovations shows on the channel. Like Design on a Dime, Curb Appeal, Hidden Potential, Divine Design.

I even thought about becoming a Real Estate Broker.

My obsession started when I lived in Jersey City, NJ, in a tiny studio. The price was perfect, under $1000. Unheard of in 2009 but it was still a studio. When I finally started making some money I thought “Let’s begin the apartment hunt’

That was around 2015 (the recession hit me HARD). Daily I would look at apartment listings, mostly to see what the prices were. I knew I could maybe afford $1000 to $1200 a month.  It was upsetting to see that apartments in my price range were either in areas I did not want to live in (due to the distance to work or because of crime) or in horrible condition or smaller than where I was at. I didn’t think that was possible but I was proved wrong.

I saw Brooklyn become gentrified and a hip place to be while living in NJ. I applied to every housing lottery that I fit the criteria for but was never called for an interview.

I saw Manhattan price skyrocket, along with Brooklyn and Queens.

When I met my husband and we started looking for a place together I told him ‘Unless you want to pay $2000 or more a month we need to look in the Bronx.’

He didn’t believe me that prices in Manhattan were crazy. He was living in the same apartment for 8 years. He wasn’t actively looking at real estate listings like I was.

When I say actively I really mean every day at work when I had downtime I was looking for my apartment out of NJ. Even with two incomes Brooklyn and Queens were expensive. Plus hubby didn’t want to live far from where he worked (East Side of Manhattan). That left the Bronx and the Bronx had slowly been rising rent prices. They had to compete with the other boroughs.

We found and applied for a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment in the Savoy Park Apartment complex in Harlem. We were accepted. We were close to being able to stay in Manhattan. A little further uptown compared to his East Harlem apartment. But it WAS Manhattan. Yet we didn’t take it.

Yes, it was 2 bedrooms and 2 baths when we had 1 of each in East Harlem.

Yes it was newly renovated with a gorgeous kitchen (and I don’t even like cooking, but I would have become a chef in that kitchen)

Yes, it was in an elevator building when we had none in East Harlem.

But at $2600 a month!!! We took into account the neighborhood that wasn’t really seeing that much gentrification. I took into account that with all my research I KNEW we could find better. I wasn’t willing to sign on the dotted line.

So we continued to look, saw more places…some in Manhattan more in the Bronx.

I feel in love with one in Kingsbridge. An area that would have been a hike for both of us to get to work. I didn’t care, I loved the neighborhood and the apartment was ok. On the small side BUT it came with a dishwasher AND an in-unit washer/dryer. The broker said that Landlords were starting to add amenities to units that were practically non-existent in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Laundry in the building…ok, but in your apartment? That was new!

Hubby felt the Kingsbridge apartment for the location and size was too much at $2050. Needless to say, I was disappointed and to this day I mention how much I wanted/want to live there.

We found a place lower in the Bronx, with one additional bedroom, no dishwasher but there was a washer/dryer. The neighborhood wasn’t a place I wanted to be in once I saw the front door of the building had no lock, fellas on every corner, and a window in our apartment had what looked to be a bullet hole

I realized this AFTER we signed the lease and gave in out deposit. I was willing to walk away, lose the money and start over. Then I heard a voice…“When you want something you find a way to get it.”

That was my Mom talking to me about how when I want something…nothing stops me till I get it.

My main objective was finding a place with a washer/dryer that was in a decent neighborhood. I mean once you see the possibilities it is hard to give the dream up. The landlord let us out of that first lease, and we took another apartment (under the same Landlord). The neighborhood was a step up from the first, the building and apartment…not so much. But we took it anyway. I think it was maybe $100 less than the first, had an awkward layout…BUT it had a washer/dryer.

When I think back to that apartment, the three months we lived there, I’m surprised we didn’t break up. I was miserable. We didn’t like the neighborhood at all (despite it looking like it was ok) It was way too busy and crowded. The building was small and narrow. Our apartment was located right near the stairs and we heard everything. Hubby hated that the most.

And the neighbors. I will never know what the deal was. One day someone broke a Snapple bottle and pushed it over in front of our door. Then I found a mouse, stuck to a mousetrap, stuck to the floor of our doorframe. After that, I demanded that the Landlord let us out of our lease because to me it felt like harassment.

This is where the story gets interesting…the Landlord offered us two other apartments (oddly one was in Kingsbridge) and the other was further lower in the Bronx.

When we tried to see the one in Kingsbridge it was already gone…but it didn’t matter when we saw the one in the lower part of the Bronx we both loved it. It wasn’t even renovated completely. Work still had to be done.

Two things had me feeling comfortable about this one.

It had my beloved washer/dryer in the unit and growing up I lived around the corner. I was familiar with the area. I had happy memories of the area. Memories of my Mom.

Hubby loved it because it was $300 less than the harassment one AND bigger.

When people say God does things for a reason believe them. Throughout the whole journey, I kept my faith that we would find a place that we both liked. Now we don’t love it but we do not hate coming home. I like my neighbors (most) and I’m not disgusted or afraid of the neighborhood. I just don’t walk around it because shops are kind of spread out. When we went to view the apartment Hubby says my mouth dropped open. I don’t remember that. It probably did, lol.

I was impressed. The apartment was what I wanted. The area was familiar. I lived around the corner when I was a kid. It felt weird, but I felt like I was coming home. This isn’t our forever home. It will be the place we bring our son home to…and I’m ok with that.

I still look at real estate listing because Hubby and I want to BUY something now…A full year in the apartment and we are okay staying but not for long. I want to buy something by the time our son is at least 5 years old if not sooner. I want a house. I NEVER wanted a house with all the responsibility before…but children change you 😉

Until next time,



What’s in my purse…


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I really should have done this when I took the pictures. While I love the bag featured in the post I’m no longer using it. In fact I sold it.

I get like that. For my daily, work bags I will either love you 24/7 or love you certain days of the week. If you follow me on Instagram (and if you aren’t you should @novelty718 )

You will see a recent pic of a “favorite” bag of mine that I carried for two days and fell out of love (and ending up returning).

Longchamp Le Pilage tote bags are one of my favorites. Even though I sold the bag shown in the post I believe at some point in the future I will revisit the line. (i.e. buy the same bag again probably in a different color. #realtalk)

Since I commute to work a nice small, trendy bag isn’t functional.

Like this one

Fossil Sydney Satchel

I have stuff I need to bring each day. No matter how I try to downsize at the end of the day if I carry small I regret it. Which is why I sold the bag pictured above.

Below is what I was carrying when I used the Longchamp.

Bag 1

It will change in the future when I finally get my planner. The maroon pouch works as a makeup bag and insulin carrier. Since then I split the contents into two separate pouches.

I live in NYC…not only do I carry pepper spray I also carry a personal alarm with a flashlight. All it does is emit a loud shrill. But it is better than fumbling with a whistle. I think no matter where you live as a woman you should carry something other than your keys in case you are approached. #realtalk

I carry WetOnes and tissues for sticky, messy accidents. I have a purse holder that I don’t even use but I feel like a responsible bag owner having one. I have my small cat wallet  . My earbuds wrap organizer 

My keys featuring my favorite Black Daria keychain, my work ID, MetroCard, small notebook, and my automatic umbrella .

Longchamp bags are made to last and even though I stuff it I was never in fear of the bag ripping.

Bag 3

As I look back on the photos I laugh because this is really a fraction of what I carry on a daily basis now. Of course what I carry changes with what type of bag I use.

I wanted to do the post cause I took the pictures and felt once I get my (hopefully) dream bag (in transit to New York) I will take new photos and post an update.

What type of bag do you carry? Do you change bags multiple times a week, a month? Do you currently have a favorite bag?

Until next time,



1st, 2nd, 3rd Trimester


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1st trimester

If someone told me 6 months ago that I would be pregnant with my first child…wait that is what happened. Once husband and I got engaged all my co-workers kept saying when are you going to get pregnant. I swore children weren’t in the future. After my miscarriage last year I wasn’t thinking about trying again…Besides I had a wedding to plan.

Husband and I got engaged in February by May I was


It was funny to me because I had planned a trip to Vegas for hubby’s birthday in June. My first thought wasn’t “Woohoo I’m pregnant.”, it was “I can’t drink I’m pregnant.”

I wasn’t shocked. I wasn’t thrilled. I was cautious. I swore hubby to keep it a secret. I didn’t want to get excited, I didn’t want the family getting excited in case we lost the baby.

In June we went to Vegas as planned. My fifth time in Vegas was my first time sober.

I felt like I was starting to show. Hubby) says certain outfits I DID look pregnant. Yet I didn’t feel that pregnant. I was nauseous but no morning sickness. I wasn’t having weird cravings. I don’t even remember having a huge appetite. I was, however, TIRED. I wanted to sleep all the time during my first few months. With each day I felt a bit more drained. I was trying to keep my blood sugar in check. In check for a pregnant diabetic is a range of 140-90. Twice I had my blood sugar go below 70 and I passed out at work.

Still with my body going through its changes I mentally wasn’t committed to the fact that I was pregnant…until

12 week scan

Perk of having high risk doctors…a 12 wk scan is magnified

When I saw this image on the screen and heard the heartbeat tears rolled down my face.

The 12 wk mark brought on horrible leg cramps at any time of the day. My calf (left or right) would cramp up and I wouldn’t be able to walk. It would last a few seconds that felt like several minutes. That and my weight gain were the two most memorable. I was gaining weight fast but I attributed it to taking more insulin and not working out. I’m not a gym person and that wasn’t going to change just because I am pregnant. Should but won’t #realtalk.  The weight gain truly sucked because of none of my clothes fit and I still hadn’t told anyone. 

But at 12 wks we had passed a crucial point. My miscarriages happened at 7 wks. I wanted to pass that point. And we did but still, I didn’t want to tell anyone. Part we had more test to take and part I liked having the baby all to myself.

2nd trimester

At the 15 wk scan we took the blood test to find out the sex.

file (1)

I had an emotional few days when I found out he was a boy. I really felt he was a girl for reasons I will go into on another post. But once we knew the sex the fun part of choosing a name began.

Asher Isaiah

The Hebrew meaning of Asher is “happy” (fortunate; blessed). Biblical: In the Old Testament, in the Book of Genesis, Asher was the 8th son of Jacob and the second son of Zilpa, the maid of Jacob’s wife Leah and was promised a life blessed with abundance.

The name Isaiah is a Biblical baby name. In Biblical the meaning of the name Isaiah is: The salvation of the Lord.

Once his name was settled and I began talking to him I warmed up to the fact that he was a boy.

I told my job about my pregnancy during my 2nd trimester. After passing out the second time because my blood sugar was too low I knew I had to inform them for safety reasons.

A few of the women knew something was going on. Many said they could see it in my face, plus my “glow”. During the 1st trimester, I felt I looked horrible but during the 2nd I will admit that I saw a glow.

Physically the leg cramps lessened, the fatigue was still around. My expanding uterus was interesting in terms of pain. During the beginning, I had itchy skin like I have never felt. And I have dry skin. Nothing I used alleviated the itchiness. I got used to slathering on lotion/creme/oil when I got home and got undressed. As the months passed the itchiness has gotten less.

Now even though I told my job I hadn’t mentioned anything to family and close friends.

We wanted to wait till Asher had passed his 20 wk scan. We wanted to know that he was growing and thus far healthy. Once all his test came back normal we told family and friends.


Me @ 20 wks

Compared to


Me @ 27 wks

3rd trimester

I’m now entering what I like to call “The Final Countdown”, the 3rd trimester. A few things I have noticed and have been told won’t get better:

Having to pee every time I stand up.

I thought I was tired before I was wrong. Between the heartburn and, the baby moving (which I love feeling) sleep is hard to come by.

It has been wonderful to watch this little boy grow inside me. Every time I see him on the computer screen I am amazed and honored that I will be his Mommy.

Yet every pregnancy is different. Every woman is different. Some women love being pregnant some hate it. I am in the middle. People talk about the sacrifice you make when you become a parent and how hard it is. From the moment a woman finds out she is pregnant she is making a sacrifice.

From day one your body is being shared. What you do to you-you do to your baby. You are a parent from DAY one. #realtalk For me that was and is a hard pill to swallow. I’m constantly checking my blood sugar if I need or want to eat. My increased insulin intake adds more pounds on me…and more pounds on him that can be harmful to him.  But I have to take it.

I used to be a person that could function with 2, 3, even 4 hours of sleep. Not anymore, the minimum is 8 and even then I know I should be sleeping more. Some days I want to be more productive yet I don’t have the energy too.

I miss coming home from a hard day at work and having a glass of wine. I’m a caffeine addict that has had to severely count down my caffeine.

I get migraines often. I can’t take my preventative medication so now I get them weekly. There isn’t any medication that is safe for me to take.

These sound like superficial sacrifices. And maybe for you, they wouldn’t be an issue but everyone is different. These situations have taught me that if I think these sacrifices are hard and I’m doing them; making the other sacrifices won’t be too difficult. Don’t quote me, though, :lol

Besides, every time I see this face I can’t help believe all of the sacrifices will be worth it.


Asher @ 20 wks

Asher-26 weeks

Asher @26 wks

Until next time, xo

About to live that #MommyLife


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In May, the week of Mother’s Day, I found out I was pregnant. I wasn’t completely shocked more nervous. After experiencing a miscarriage (Little Bean ) I was very afraid that I would have another. I waited about two weeks before I told my husband (who was then my fiance). I told him he was not allowed to tell anyone. I didn’t want to have to tell people I miscarried if I could avoid it.

So we waited. I began to gain weight and felt that everyone was able to tell I was pregnant. The women knew something was up, lol.

I did reveal my pregnancy to my work colleagues when I was roughly two months along. I did that more because I had passed out at work twice due to low blood sugar than wanting to share the news.

Hubby (then fiance) and I waited till the day of my 20th week scan to share the news with family.  We wanted to make sure that the majority of test came back normal. I then slowly told my friends. The big social media announcement didn’t happen till my 26th week.

The idea of ME being a MOM is extremely overwhelming. I was set on the idea that I wouldn’t be a Mom. Settled in my Introvert Life with 9 months to change it to Mommy Life :-O . Truth be told the 2am feedings don’t scare me as much as playdates, LOL

As future post will describe being pregnant at 40 years old, a Type 2 insulin dependent diabetic isn’t easy. Each tiny (for now) kick makes the earlier struggle worth it, though.

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Asher-26 weeks

Here is the latest scan of our baby boy. He looks so much like his Daddy 🙂