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In an effort to do more blogging I’m trying to come up with themes that I know I can build post from.

Thrifty Tuesday are going to be post on items (makeup, skincare, clothing, food, gadgets and maybe even some toys) I that love that won’t deflate your wallet.

Today we are talking about makeup (one of my first loves), specifically powder foundation.

I had been on the hunt for a new powder foundation once I realized I wasn’t in love with my Sephora Collection MircoSmooth Baked Foundation Face Powder in the color #56Maghogany. First few times wearing the powder was fine but somehow it developed a hard film on top that for the life of me I could not scrap off.; making application a chore.

At $22 I don’t feel I should have multiple steps that include a small knife to get product on my face. I told myself just go back to your one true love MAC StudioFix.  For maybe a decade all I wore was StudioFix. Liquid or cream foundations held no interest because StudioFix did it all.

Buuuuuut, I’m a product junkie. I will try the newest thing for no other reason than…it’s a novelty item…

I didn’t want to shell out $27 for my beloved StudioFix. I love it, and it would last forever…eh…money is tight for me and I had just wasted $22 at Sephora I’m saving to move, I want to go on vacation…I keep doing new protective styles 😉 I looked for a cheaper alternative.

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation in the color Tawny (SMP12) has the right price at $9.50. The powder is soft, provides great coverage yet at times will feel heavy. I have dry skin and I seem to get a nice glow once the powder settles.  Downside is I have already hit pan and it has only been maybe a month and a half. I purchase this at a local beauty supply store.

Another powder that love and often forget about is Ruby Kisses No More Blemish Powder in Toasted Almond. I don’t use it for blemishes. I picked it up on a whim years ago. Since then whenever I go to the BSS I think fondly of how it worked well (no heavy transferring on clothing or paperwork- sometimes MAC and NYX do) At $4.99 I really have no complaints. Picking a color might be hard. In the case they can look the same. My BSS had testers but they looked the same there too. I picked based on what I saw through the little window in the compact.

Out of the two I’m happier with my $5 powder. I would go as far as to say to is up there with my StudioFix in terms of HOLY GRAIL status.

*Sorry for the lack of photos. I did this post of on the fly and didn’t have a chance to gather any.*

Do you have any thrifty products that you love?

Until next time,