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In May, the week of Mother’s Day, I found out I was pregnant. I wasn’t completely shocked more nervous. After experiencing a miscarriage (Little Bean ) I was very afraid that I would have another. I waited about two weeks before I told my husband (who was then my fiance). I told him he was not allowed to tell anyone. I didn’t want to have to tell people I miscarried if I could avoid it.

So we waited. I began to gain weight and felt that everyone was able to tell I was pregnant. The women knew something was up, lol.

I did reveal my pregnancy to my work colleagues when I was roughly two months along. I did that more because I had passed out at work twice due to low blood sugar than wanting to share the news.

Hubby (then fiance) and I waited till the day of my 20th week scan to share the news with family.  We wanted to make sure that the majority of test came back normal. I then slowly told my friends. The big social media announcement didn’t happen till my 26th week.

The idea of ME being a MOM is extremely overwhelming. I was set on the idea that I wouldn’t be a Mom. Settled in my Introvert Life with 9 months to change it to Mommy Life :-O . Truth be told the 2am feedings don’t scare me as much as playdates, LOL

As future post will describe being pregnant at 40 years old, a Type 2 insulin dependent diabetic isn’t easy. Each tiny (for now) kick makes the earlier struggle worth it, though.

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Asher-26 weeks

Here is the latest scan of our baby boy. He looks so much like his Daddy 🙂