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I really should have done this when I took the pictures. While I love the bag featured in the post I’m no longer using it. In fact I sold it.

I get like that. For my daily, work bags I will either love you 24/7 or love you certain days of the week. If you follow me on Instagram (and if you aren’t you should @novelty718 )

You will see a recent pic of a “favorite” bag of mine that I carried for two days and fell out of love (and ending up returning).

Longchamp Le Pilage tote bags are one of my favorites. Even though I sold the bag shown in the post I believe at some point in the future I will revisit the line. (i.e. buy the same bag again probably in a different color. #realtalk)

Since I commute to work a nice small, trendy bag isn’t functional.

Like this one

Fossil Sydney Satchel

I have stuff I need to bring each day. No matter how I try to downsize at the end of the day if I carry small I regret it. Which is why I sold the bag pictured above.

Below is what I was carrying when I used the Longchamp.

Bag 1

It will change in the future when I finally get my planner. The maroon pouch works as a makeup bag and insulin carrier. Since then I split the contents into two separate pouches.

I live in NYC…not only do I carry pepper spray I also carry a personal alarm with a flashlight. All it does is emit a loud shrill. But it is better than fumbling with a whistle. I think no matter where you live as a woman you should carry something other than your keys in case you are approached. #realtalk

I carry WetOnes and tissues for sticky, messy accidents. I have a purse holder that I don’t even use but I feel like a responsible bag owner having one. I have my small cat wallet  . My earbuds wrap organizer 

My keys featuring my favorite Black Daria keychain, my work ID, MetroCard, small notebook, and my automatic umbrella .

Longchamp bags are made to last and even though I stuff it I was never in fear of the bag ripping.

Bag 3

As I look back on the photos I laugh because this is really a fraction of what I carry on a daily basis now. Of course what I carry changes with what type of bag I use.

I wanted to do the post cause I took the pictures and felt once I get my (hopefully) dream bag (in transit to New York) I will take new photos and post an update.

What type of bag do you carry? Do you change bags multiple times a week, a month? Do you currently have a favorite bag?

Until next time,