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Husband: Why are you following more people than who is following you?

Me: I didn’t know it was it was some sort of a game of tag.

When Instagram came out I thought ‘Cool, instant view of photography taken by people I know or peoples work I enjoy’. In the earlier days, Instagram worked as it was supposed to.

Someone posted a photo, maybe a friend, your partner, a blogger and you (the follower) would be able to see these post in real time (i.e. that actual time the photo was posted).

This site is seriously a photo lovers dream…Or at least it used to be. Once Instagram got bigger and Facebook bought them they changed the site. Your feed became a competitive sport of Popularity.

But that isn’t what I like nor what my Instagram to be. I don’t conform. If I think your feed has something I will enjoy viewing I will following and I will like the post.

Regardless of whether or not you follow me back. Of course as I try to build up this blog and my brand that may hurt me but am I on the ‘Gram for the likes, for the photos or for the useful info I can see and learn?

P.s follow me at @novelty718 on Instagram 😉

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