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As a makeup lover, it would hard for me to name one item that is my holy grail. I have a few items that I have bought over and over. But mostly I don’t have any. And I’m not even talking about holy grail specific brand, color item. I’m talking about holy-grail-can’t-live-the-house-without. Some days it can be blush or mascara, lip product.

As I was cleaning one of my many makeup bags I noticed I had a LOT of pressed powders and powder foundation in my collection. Depending on my mood, depending on what foundation (if any) that I am wearing my powder of the day will change. It is always pressed. I’m not a huge fan of loose powder. I’ve tried a few but none stood out enough for me to use often.

Here’s my collection of powders that work for me and what I like/love about them.

2nd Set

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, NYX Hyrda Touch Powder Foundation, CoverFx Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation, Graftobian HD Pro Powder Foundation

1st Set

MAC Next to Nothing Pressed Powder, MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation, Bare Minerals Bare Pro Powder Foundation, MUFE Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation


My skin type is dry, dry in all seasons. Yet my preferred look is semi-matte with a slight glow. Powders usually leave a matte finish. These powders seem to work well with what little oil my face creates throughout the day.

Bare Minerals Bare Pro– I wear the color Nutmeg I don’t love this one, I don’t hate it either. Many times I forget I have it. I bought it when I got the liquid foundation of the same name. Colorwise it is spot on. I’ve worn with liquid foundation and without. I prefer to wear with liquid.

MUFE Pro-Finish– I wear the color 170. Few a while this was my go-to powder. I’ve worn with liquid and without, using as a powder foundation. The coverage is great, as is the color. Whether going over liquid or on it’s on I get a nice glow once the powder has settled.

CoverFx Pressed Mineral– I wear the color N70. This powder is one that depends on how well the color matches your skin tone determines the coverage. I know it may sound silly but I have tried at least 3 different colors in this powder and each time I feel that I get different results. I keep it because for now I am happy with the color and the feel.

Graftobian HD Pro Powder– I wear Golden Tan. Graftobian is a brand that is known for use in Film and Print. I knew nothing about this powder when I bought it. I bought because of the creaminess of the powder. It is very powdery in the pan but once on my face it completely melts. Sounds great for a dry skin gal, right? It is until you rest your hands on your face or hug someone. All powders usually transfer but this powder seems to be extra. I love it for the color and the feel but the transfer can make me hate it.

NYX Hydra Touch– I wear Deep Honey. This is another powder that I think of as creamy and is powdery and leaves a trace wherever I go. The color matches well with my skin tone and is pigmented enough that I can use alone. I just wish the compact hadn’t collapsed in itself like a sinkhole, making it hard to tote around in my makeup bag.

MAC Next to Nothing– I wear Dark Plus. MAC will always be a brand I own something of. Back in the day, their products were the best I could find for my skin tone and type. When I went into MAC being bored and looking for products I shouldn’t buy I bought this powder. The powder is sheer, so it works well as a setting powder when I wear liquid foundation. I like this powder because of the slim compact (compared to the rest in my collection) and the feel on my skin (weightless), and the color match provides a pretty glow.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish– I wear Dark Deep. This powder is the one that I LOVE. The feel is like I’m wearing nothing on my skin yet I will have the most beautiful glow. While I LOVE the powder I HATE the compact. When Mineralize Skinfinish came out they were in a compact with a clear lid and no mirror.  MAC changed the compact a few years ago and added a mirror. Great!!! But the compact is so bulky I rarely put it in my makeup bag because it takes up so much space IMHO.

MAC StudioFix– I wear C7…This is the OG in my collection. My very first MAC product was StudioFix. This is a true powder foundation. The look I get when I wear is matte but comfortable with my dry skin. It seems that no matter how much I use my compact is still full. I do think I still use for more nostalgia than really loving it. While it feels comfortable on my skin I believe it is the heaviest of my powders.

I will say that I have not found my holy grail brand and color in a powder. What I listed above are the ones that out of a makeup junkie many tries I happen to really like and have recommended to people.

Next post I will list my favorite blushes, brands, and colors.

Do you have a favorite pressed powder? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Until next time,