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Blush is one makeup product that when I want to look more put together or more awake I use.

I owe MAC blushes, NARS, and NYX. I love them all but the brand that I bought on a whim quickly became my favorite product.

When I was taking a trip to Vegas I wanted a blush palette to take along. I had heard good things about the indie brand Juvia’s Place. I also heard some not so good things (customer service issues and brand promoting). I ignored the bad and focused on the good. Juvia’s Place is a black own company, started by a mother of two, Chichi Eburu. The line is known for its highly pigmented eyeshadows. When I was first on the site I went to go buy an eyeshadow palette, and I did. But I was also intrigued by the blushes.

Who doesn’t love a highly pigmented blush?

I bought Saharan Blush Volume I and Volume II.



The Saharan Blush Volume I


The Saharan Blush Volume II

My favorite color from Vol I is Toby, it looks like a bright orange/yellow in the palette but on my skin, it delivers a gorgeous glow. My favorite from Vol II is Tau, a muted brick red that gives of the perfect flushed cheeks.

All of the colors are HIGHLY pigmented. I tap my brush in the pan, tap of access and pat into my skin, then I take my Real Techniques Blush Brush and blend out any harsh lines.

I’m not a palette fan because I like the option of bringing my products with me for touch-ups during the day. I don’t bring these palettes with me. I apply in the morning and by the time I’m home (10 hours later), the color payoff is still going STRONG. I can literally apply and forget about it.

One would think that 12 shades of blush would be enough but you have to factor in that Zara, Lila, Sola, and Zoba are more highlight and mixer colors. I want more blushes!!! Juvia’s Place does have one stand-alone blush product on its website, Bella Blush .

Best believe I will be ordering this coral beauty. Bella Blush

Are you a blush fan? Comment below with some of your favorites.

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